Kelley Manufacturing Co. donates $50,000 towards Georgia Peanut Commission new headquarters

Released: March 1, 2012

TIFTON, Ga.– The 2012 Georgia Peanut Farm Show marked a special day for the Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC) and Kelley Manufacturing Company (KMC). During the event representatives from KMC recognized the GPC’s 50th Anniversary by donating $50,000 towards the new headquarters in Tifton, Ga.

The commission board of directors kicked off the commission’s 50th anniversary last fall by holding the groundbreaking ceremony at the site for the new headquarters located off of Interstate 75. 
“Today is a special day. We are recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Georgia Peanut Commission,” says Lanier Carson, chairman of the board and CEO of KMC. “They have been involved for a long time helping farmers and it’s exciting to be a part of some of those activities.”
The GPC is proud to utilize local contractors and businesses in the construction of the new headquarters. The new headquarters will be the first net-zero energy building for state government in Georgia.

On the first level, the building will serve as an educational tool for farmers and visitors. The educational center will tell the story of farmers, the history of the peanut industry, how peanuts are grown and the program areas of the commission. 

The KMC board decided that for each year the GPC has been in existence that they would donate $1,000 per year to help with GPC’s building from the board of directors and all the employees of KMC.

“Thank you to KMC and to all the workers there and what they mean to us at GPC,” says Armond Morris, GPC chairman. “Thank you particularly for this $50,000 in helping the peanut farmers of the state of Georgia able to make this building possible.”

The cost for the new building will be covered from the sale of the existing building, energy grants, sponsorships and a commemorative brick program. For more information on the GPC building project, visit


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