2015 Research Reports
Presented Feb. 10, 2016
NESPAL - UGA Tifton Campus, Tifton, Ga.

Georgia Peanut Breeding Program Bill Branch, UGA

Investigation of Irrigation Scheduling Methods for Peanuts in Georgia Under Conventional & Conservation Tillage Wes Porter, UGA

A Hollistic Solution to Using Soil Moisture Date for Scheduling Irrigation George Vellidis, UGA

Adaptation of New Fungicides and Application Strategies for Control of Early and Late Leaf Spot of Peanut Albert Culbreath, UGA

Effect of In-Furrow and Foliar Insecticide Treatments on Tomato Spotted Wilt and Yield in New TSWV Resistant Cultivars Albert Culbreath, UGA

Obtaining Maximum Economic Returns from Cultivars with Different Levels of Disease Resistance Tim Brenneman, UGA

Characterization and Genetic Mappin of Disease Resistance Genes to TSWV and Leaf Spots and Development of Molecular Markers for Breeding Selection Baozhu Guo, USDA

Development and Evaluation of Cultivars with Improved Disease Resistance to Increase On-Farm Profitability Corley Holbrook, USDA

Improved Markers for Selection of Nematode Resistant Lines Peggy Ozias-Akins, UGA

The Peanut Foundation

Steve Brown

Identification of Peanut Lines with Superior Root Growth Craig Kvien, UGA

Adapting the Hull-Scrape Technique to the Top New Peanut Varieties in the Southeast Craig Kvien, UGA

Optimizing Thrips Management Recommendations for Georgia Peanut Producers Mark Abney, UGA

Development of a Cost Effective Light Trap for Peanut Burrower Bug Detection in Georgia Mark Abney, UGA

Assessing the Probable Prescence of a New Thrips-Transmitted Tospovirus in Peanut in Georgia Babu Srinivasan, UGA
Mark Abney, UGA

UGA Cooperative Extension County Agent Programs
- Bulloch County - Irrigated Evaluation of Four Peanut Varieties
- Effingham County - Peanut Variety Trial
- Grady County - Evaluation of Banded Applications of Prevathon and Proline on Peanuts
- Grady County - Evaluation of New Peanut Varieties in Grady County
- Irwin County - Comparing Typical 8-Inch Twin Row Planting Pattern to a Modified 12 Inch Twin Row Planting Pattern in Peanut
- Jenkins County - Irrigated Evaluation of Six Peanut Varieties

Scott Monfort, UGA

Bill Tyson

Sam Ingram
Brian Hayes

Brian Hayes

Phillip Edwards

Wade Parker

University of Georgia Agronomic Research & Extension Programs to Address Economic Sustainability of Peanut Production Scott Monfort, UGA

Hot Topics on Peanuts Yen-Con Hung, UGA

Georgia Weather Network Ian Flitcroft, UGA

Water-Use Efficiency of Single vs. Twin Row Peanut from Bloom to Peak Pod Fill Monique Leclerc, UGA

Peanut Economics & Education Program for Georgia Producers Amanda Smith, UGA
Nathan Smith, UGA

National Center for Peanut Competitiveness
Evaluation of 2015 Peanut Crop Insurance Program
2016 Peanut Supply vs. Storage
2015 Peanut Warehousing
Stanley Fletcher, UGA