2014 Research Reports

Georgia Peanut Breeding Program Bill Branch, UGA

The Peanut Foundation Steve Brown
Howard Valentine

Development and evaluation of cultivars with disease resistances to increase on-farm profitability Corley Holbrook, USDA

Adaptation of new fungicides and application strategies for control of early and late leaf spot of peanut Albert Culbreath, UGA

Effect of in-furrow and foliar insecticide treatments on tomato spotted wilt and yield in new TSWV resistant cultivars Albert Culbreath, UGA

Hot Topics on Peanuts Yen Con Hung, UGA

Acceptance of in-shell peanuts Koushik Adhikari, UGA

Characterization and genetic mapping of disease resistance genes to TSWV and leaf spots and development of molecular markers for breeding selection Baozhu Guo, USDA

Early emergence fungicide sprays for peanut Optimizing season-long spray programs Tim Brenneman, UGA

Expanding molecular marker platforms to enhance marker-assisted breeding in peanut

Josh Clevenger, UGA
Peggy Ozias-Akins, UGA

Identification of Peanut Lines with Superior Root Growth Craig Kvien, UGA

Adapting the hull-scrape technique to the top new peanut varieties in the Southeast Craig Kvien, UGA

A holistic solution to using soil moisture data for scheduling irrigation Calvin Perry, UGA
George Vellidis, UGA

Investigation of irrigation scheduling methods for peanuts in Georgia Wesley Porter, UGA

Optimizing thrips management recommendations for Georgia peanut producers Mark Abney, UGA

The interaction effects of herbicide and temperature on germination of peanut seed A. Williams, UGA
Tim Grey, UGA

Peanut economics and education program for Georgia producers
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Nathan Smith, UGA

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension County Agent Programs Scott Tubbs, UGA

Georgia Peanut Extension Agronomics Scott Monfort, UGA

National Center for Peanut Competitiveness
Analysis, development and implementation of the 2014 Farm Bill on Georgia peanut producers
Stanley Fletcher, UGA

Characterization, evlauation and regeneration of the U.S. peanut core collection
Video from University of Florida regarding the peanut core collection - Click here to view
Greg MacDonald, UF
Noelle Barkley, USDA

Georgia Weather Network Ian Flitcroft, UGA

Release and absorption of selected nutrients and bioactives in peanuts during simulated digestion, as affected by peanut type and processing Fanbin Kong, UGA