2013 Research Reports

Peanut Economics & Education Program for Georgia Producers Nathan Smith, UGA

University of Georgia Cooperative Extension County Agent Programs John Beasley, UGA

UGA Agronomic Research & Extension Programs to Address Economic Sustainability of Peanut Production John Beasley, UGA

Hot Topics on Peanuts Yen Con Hung, UGA

UGA Extension Peanut Weed Management Program Eric Prostko, UGA

Georgia Peanut Breeding Program Bill Branch, UGA

Development and Evaluation of Cultivars with Disease Resistances to Increase On-Farm Profitabilty Corley Holbrook, USDA

Adaption of New Fungicides and Application Strategies for
Control of Early & Late Leaf Spot of Peanut
Albert Culbreath, UGA

Effect of In-Furrow and Foliar Insecticide Treatments on Tomato Spotted Wilt and Yield in New TSWV Resistant Cultivars Albert Culbreath, UGA

Long Range Internet Connectivity to Improve Farm Management Craig Kvien, UGA

Identification of Peanut Lines with Superior Root Growth Craig Kvien, UGA

High Resolution Phenotyping of Diverse Peanut Lines Peggy Ozias-Akins, UGA

Peanut Response to Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Tillage in a Sandy Coastal Plain Soil Calvin Perry, UGA

A Holistic Solution to Using Soil Moisture Data for Scheduling Irrigation George Vellidis, UGA

Peanut Entomology Program at UGA Mark Abney, UGA

Graduate Student Research and Education Support in Peanut Agronomics Jason Arnold, UGA

QTL Analysis for Disease Resistance Using F2 and F5 Genetic Maps in Peanut Bazuo Guo, USDA

Antibody Production and Immunoassay Development Soheila Maleki, USDA

Characterization, Evaluation and Regeneration of the U.S.
Peanut Core Collection
Noelle Barkely, USDA

Development of Probiotic Peanut Butter and Peanut Spread Jinru Chen, UGA

County Agent On-Farm Applied Research: Comparison and Validation of Conventional Peanut Irrigation Scheduling and Maturity vs. Web-baseed PeanutFarm Decision Aid Ray Hicks, Screven Co. Extension Service

County Agent On-Farm Applied Research: Irwin County Peanut Soil Borne Fungicide Comparison of Fontellis and Artisan Replicated Trial - Irrigated Twin Row Georgia 06G Philip Edwards, Irwin Co. Extension Service