Georgia Peanut Commission 2012 Research Reports

1. Georgia Peanut Breeding Program - Dr. Bill Branch
2. The Peanut Foundation Valentine - Howard Valentine
3. Development and evaluation of cultivars with disease resistances to increase on-farm profitability - Dr. Corley Holbrook
4. Sensing and Control Systems to Improve Farm Management - Dr. Craig Kvien
5. Characterization and Genetic Mapping of Disease Resistance Genes to TSWV and Leaf Spots and Development of Molecular Markers for Breeding Selection - Dr. Baozhu Guo
6. High Resolution Phenotyping of Diverse Peanut Lines - Dr. Peggy Ozias-Akins
7. Early Emergence Fungicide Sprays for Peanuts? Redefining Spray Programs to Optimize Disease Control and Minimize Costs - Dr. Tim Brenneman
8. Peanut Response to Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Tillage in a Sandy Coastal Plain Soil - Dr. Calvin Perry
9. Adaptation of New Fungicides and Application Strategies for Control of Early & Late Leaf Spot on Peanuts - Dr. Albert Culbreath
10. Effect of In-Furrow and Foliar Insecticide Treatments on TSWV and Yield in New TSWV Resistant Cultivars - Dr. Albert Culbreath
11. Using Existing Irrigation Structures as a Potential Location for Capturing Energy from the Sun - Dr. Gary Hawkins
12. Peanut Response to 2,4-D Amine - Dr. Eric Prostko
13. Peanut Economics & Education Program for Georgia Producers - Dr. Nathan Smith
14. Hot topics on Peanuts - Dr. Yen Con Hung
15. Develop a Peanut Ice-Cream Mix from Peanut Flour in Order to Increase Overall Market Potentialof Peanuts - Dr. Yen Con Hung
16. National Center for Peanut Competitiveness - Dr. Stanley Fletcher
17. Analysis and Potential Development of the 2012 Farm Bill Scenarios on Georgia Peanut Producers - Dr. Stanley Fletcher
18. Antibody Production and Immunoassay Development towards Alleviating Peanut Allergy - Dr. Soheila Maleki
19. UGA Agronomic Research and Extension Programs to Address Economic Sustainability of Peanut Production - Dr. John Beasley
20. Graduate Student Research and Education Support in Peanut Economics & Education Program for Georgia Producers - Dr. John Beasley
21. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension County Agent Programs (On-Farm Applied Research and Demonstrations, County Extension Agent Travel to the APRES meeting, Printing the 2013 Peanut Update, GACAA “Peanut Education for Excellence” program)- Dr. John Beasley
22. Cropping Systems Research for Peanut - Dr. Scott Tubbs