Georgia Peanut Acheivement Club winners recognized

The University of Georgia, Syngenta and BASF recently recognized winners of the Georgia Peanut Achievement Club (GPAC) for outstanding yields during the 2011 peanut crop. The highest overall average yield and state winner was presented to John Gaines & Ricky Dowdy of Baker County for their record yield of 7,267 lbs/acre on 304.1 acres.

Highest Average Yield in the 100-300 acre category
Wesley Webb – Calhoun County 6751 lbs/acre on 188.0 acres
Highest Average Yield in the 300 acres and above category (and highest overall average yield in Georgia in 2011)

John Gaines & Ricky Dowdy – Baker County 7267 lbs/acre on 304.1 acres

The remaining 8 producers are recognized for highest yields in the 300-700 acre category and 700 acre plus category:

300-700 acre category
Al Sudderth – Calhoun County 6353 lbs/acre on 337.5 acres
Philip Grimes – Tift County 6223 lbs/acre on 589.7 acres
Jr. Reeves – Ben Hill County 5958 lbs/acre on 484.3 acres

700 acres plus
Jerry Heard, Jr. – Baker County 6893 lbs/acre on 936.4 acres
Bob McLendon – Calhoun County 6702 lbs/acre on 1,205.3 acres
Kevin Rentz – Decatur County 6134 lbs/acre on 719.5 acres
TyCor Farms – Echols County 4984 lbs/acre on 708.7 acres
Ken Hall Farms – Worth County 4751 lbs/acre on 1,052 acres

These winners were recognized at the GPAC Awards program held in conjunction with the Southern Peanut Growers Conference, July 19-21, at the Edgerwater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL.
Once again we had some outstanding yields during a very difficult growing season. These farms are to be commended for a great year in 2011.