Interactive Games & Activities

Throught this interactive game you will learn more about the anatomy of hte peanut plant, peanut plant types, the peanut growing states, George Washington Carver and be able to test your peanut knowledge. Click here if you are up to the challenge. (The interactive game will take a few minutes to load.)
Operation Peanut Butter
THave you ever wondered where that peanut butter comes from that's on your sandwich? Visit and select the Operation Peanut Butter math game. There are four rounds. Earn a jar of peanut butter for each round and earn four jars to claim your reward!

Click here
if you are up to the challenge.
Test Your Trivia Skills
Think you're a wiz at trivia? See how your peanut knowledge matches up to these questions about history, harvesting and growing, nutrition, television, entertainment and sports. Click here if you are up to the challenge.
Fact or Fiction
Fact or fiction: the peanut isn't really a nut, it's a legume. Think you know the answer? Test your knowledge of all things peanuts and peanut butter with these questions.
Color Some Fun & Activity Sheets
Is being creative more your style? Download these nutty images and have fun adding your own personal style.

Coloring Books:
Peanuts: The Fun Food
I Can Make it!
The Case of the Mysterious Peanut

Activity Sheets:
Adjectives about Peanut Butter Worksheet (K-2nd grade level)
Peanut to Peanut Butter Maze (K-2nd grade level)
Connect the Dots - Peanut by Number (K-2nd grade level)
Peanut Production Word Search (K-2nd grade level)
Peanut Production Word Search (3rd - 5th grade level)

Let's Get Growing!
Did you know peanuts grow underground? See the different parts of a peanut plant come to life as you move over the flower, peg, ground, peanut and roots. Click here if you you are ready to get growing.