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The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts was established in 1961 under the Commodities Promotion Act. The Commission conducts programs in the areas of promotion, research and education. Funding is derived from a $2 per ton assessment on all producers. Governing the Commission is a five man elected board of peanut farmers. It is best known in the State House by its little red bags of Georgia Peanuts. Peanuts are a $2.0 billion industry in Georgia

HarvestDid you know
Georgia produced 47% of the United States’ peanuts in 2014 - more than 1.2 million tons.
Georgia farmers planted 600,000 acres, yielding 4,100 pounds per acre.
Georgia farmers planted peanuts in more than 75 counties in Georgia.
Georgia has approximately 3,500 peanut farmers.
Georgia peanuts accounted for more than 20% of the state's agricultural income.
The peanut industry contributes more than 50,000 jobs in Georgia.