■ Peanut Harvest Price Estimates for the Peanut Revenue Insurance Programt
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■ National Center for Peanut Competitiveness releases the 2014 Peanut PLC Computation document
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■ The Georgia Peanut Commission and Southern Peanut Farmers Federation join other ag organizations in comments to USDA on the proposed "actively engaged" definition.
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■ National Center for Peanut Competitiveness Decision Aids
    ▶  Peanut Farmer's Effective Price & Government Payments for Peanuts Calculator - Download
    ▶  FSA Attributed Base Acreage and Total Base Calculator
- Download Calculator

■ USDA implements 2014 Farm Bill provision to limit payments to non-farmers
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  ▶ View Actively Engaged and Payment Limits Fact Sheet

■ The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently announced a new peanut revenue policy that will be available for eligible peanut producers in 2015. View press release.

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GPC Programs

2015 UGA Peanut Update

The University of Georgia Peanut Team produces a Peanut Update every year for growers. The update provides information for the 2015 production season focusing on marketing, replant decisions, peanut breeding, insect management, disease update, Peanut Rx and weed control. The publication is made possible through funding from the Georgia Peanut Commission. View the update . . .

GPC Reseach Reports

The Georgia Peanut Commission awarded $318,780 to peanut research facilities in the state during 2014. This effort funded 28 research projects from the University of Georgia and the USDA Agricultural Research Service. View the reports.


Upcoming Events

Georgia Peanut Research Report Day

The Georgia Peanut Commission's Research Report Day will be held Wed., Feb. 10, 2016, in the Seminar Room of the NESPAL Building at the University of Georgia Tifton Campus in Tifton, Ga. The event provides farmers with updates on the research projects funded with their check-off dollars.